Q & A

 Why do I coach?

I coach because I care about people.  I find tremendous satisfaction in helping my clients recognize and realize their potential.  I achieved my dream; let me help you fulfill yours.

Why should you engage me as your coach?

You should engage me as your coach because I am:

  • A Consummate professional – motivating and engaging to clients through an approachable manner.
  • An Outstanding coach and mentor – providing a balanced level of guidance and support.
  • An Inspiring and dynamic individual – empowering clients with invaluable constructive criticism and kind words of encouragement and support to reach their goals.
  • A Compassionate and understanding leader – bringing a special warmth and compassion to each client providing them confidence to make decisions.
  • An Emotionally Intelligent coach – inspiring clients and offering them courage and confidence to discover and tell their stories when seeking careers, and creating an environment that allows clients to be comfortable making mistakes and learning from them; personalizing each critique through thoughtful assessments.
  • A Higher education leader – devoting time and efforts to higher education and the role it plays in improving the lives of others.

Who do I coach?

Coaching can work for everyone! I specialize in coaching women and students or soon to be college graduates.

 My clients include women seeking to identify their core strengths and talents to advance in their careers. Through my coaching, I have seen dramatic changes in the women who came to me unsure but who gained the confidence to navigate the politics at work, and speak their truth so their voices were heard. They found their voice and have used it to advance their careers.

My clients also include students and soon to be graduates seeking career direction, building their confidence on interviews, acclimating to the work environment, navigating the politics at work, and finding mentors and advocates throughout their career.

What is my style of coaching?

Here is how it works: you set the agenda for each of our meetings, at which you mostly talk and I mostly listen. During our meetings, I will ask you relevant probing and pertinent questions; the answers you provide will help reveal the steps needed to meet your goals. Together, we will craft a strategy with measurable objectives and a timeline. Our conversations will help quantify your goals and will allow us to identify and address potential roadblocks. 

The process is enlightening and exciting. You may learn things about yourself that were not readily apparent and may find new areas of career interest. I am here to provide  guidance and encouragement throughout the process and to help you maintain progress.

When and Where do I coach?

According to your preference, we can meet in person, speak by phone or meet via Skype or Zoom.

How do you schedule a coaching session?

Call or email me to arrange a free 15-minute discovery consultation.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Linda Luciano, M.B.A., Ed.D.