Coaching is a collaborative approach that can help anyone seeking to make a change in career.

A skilled coach provides strategic guidance, feedback, support and the encouragement individuals need to venture forth into higher-level positions or new fields.

Feeling overwhelmed by your current job? Thinking of changing your job or career? Let’s talk!

Looking for Direction?

As a coach, I am here to help you gain clarity about your current situation and find innovative ways to possibly rework your current position and/or look for a new position. Working together, we will identify your career interests and priorities and discuss an approach for making the change you have imagined. Our work will result in enhanced self-confidence and you’ll learn strategies for raising your professional profile among your manager and colleagues.

What’s on Your Mind?

As an astute and sensitive questioner, I’m an expert at asking probing questions and reframing situations. The best part of this work is sharing a vision of possibilities — of what can be. You set the agenda for each of our meetings, at which you mostly talk and I mostly listen. The questions I will ask will help reveal the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals. Over time, we will craft a strategy with measurable objectives and a timeline. Our conversations will help quantify your goals and will identify and address potential roadblocks. I will provide guidance and encouragement throughout the process and help you maintain progress: you’ll soon see the road ahead!

Have You Failed to Plan?

You know the answer to that adage. That’s why, after our coaching sessions I will provide you with an individualized strategic plan with objectives including

  • A summary of your goals
  • Specific and quantifiable action steps with firm due dates
  • Areas for improvement

Learn to Like Interviews!

Change your mind set about interviewing. Think of it as a sales situation. You, the “seller,” will meet with an employer, the “buyer.” What are you offering? What is the value of you as a “product?’ Why are you the best candidate for the position? In other words, sell yourself!

My coaching encompasses interview preparation activities that will build your confidence and performance, including

  • A 25-minute virtual or onsite mock interview where I will role-play the prospective employer
  • Review of strategies for successful interviewing
  • A detailed assessment of your interview strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Post-interview follow-up: I will review your actual interview, help you determine appropriate next steps, and make suggestions for a thank you note.

Additional services

  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Resume review, including proofreading and editing
  • Assistance with writing business memos and proposals


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