Woman Vice President, January 20, 2018 “Career coaching sessions with Linda Luciano helped me assess my strengths and accomplishments as a professional and identify the priorities in my personal and professional life that would have to align with my next career move. Linda’s disciplined approach, insights and guidance helped me assess, strategize and prepare to pursue new opportunities in my career. Linda helped me optimize my resources and kept me focused on the future. Preparing for the next move in your career requires a disciplined approach.  Linda was masterful at keeping me on task and bringing clarity to my priories for the future. I can’t stress enough how valuable Linda’s counsel was in preparing for each job interview. Linda’s debriefings following job interviews also helped identify strengths and areas for improvement. Linda’s career coaching journal is a valuable tool in documenting my experiences, reflecting on them and refining my approach.

Malachi Linonge, Business Student at Rutgers School of Business, Newark, November 7, 2017 “I wish to express my gratitude with regards to the recent mock interview. I walked out of that room with awesome techniques and knowledge with regards to my professionalism. I look forward to learn more from you.” 

Ema Bozgo, Accounting Student at Montclair State University, November 7, 2017 “I was so glad to cross paths with you again recently at Montclair State University. It was a year since I last saw you and you even remembered my name out of the many students you had. …Thank you for … prepar[ing] me for my interview and providing me with tips and questions to practice. The interview was a success and I went into the interview feeling confident thanks to you. Now that I work for the company you felt best matched m[e] and my needs, I could not be happier. … I can’t thank you enough for your work.”

Emily D., Accounting Student at Montclair State University, November 5, 2017 “You…prepared me for the interview by conducting a mock interview that greatly benefited me. I learned so much from it, and will use it in my future interviews. You made me feel more confident in my communication skills during the interview process and gave me helpful tips as well. Your process not only helped me get the job, but confidence wise it impacted me positively now and hopefully in future interviews. … Thank you again for helping me feel a lot more confident and I’m so thankful that you were able to positively teach me to be a better employee. Thank you!”

Daniela Moscoso, Business Student Rutgers School of Business, Newark, October 31, 2017 “It was a pleasure meeting you today. I just wanted to thank you so much for the great feedback and for taking the time to evaluate me. Your advice truly made an impact and although it was a lot to take in it was very informational and constructive. From the small taste I got today I know your coaching company will thrive. I wish you all the best!”

Business Student at Rutgers School of Business – Newark, October 21, 2017 “I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and for all the wonderful tips and comments you provided me, I am so glad I did this interview with you and not with anyone else because I truly learned so much from you. And a HUGE thank you for all your kind words of encouragement and support, it really was great to feel empowered by another woman. I still have your words in my head, whenever I get nervous thinking about interviews and whether I would do good or not for my internships; I remember every word you told me and I thank you for helping me become a stronger woman as a whole.”

Barbara R Sunberg, Esq., Career Services Manager – Career Quest Program, National Council of Jewish Women, September 19, 2017 “Thank you so much for conducting your mock interview workshop on September 11, 2017. All the clients were very impressed with you, your presentation, and all that you had to offer in terms of material, advice, and suggestions. They appreciated your sharing your varied experiences and the opportunity to practice and hone their interviewing skills.

You present in a very professional, knowledgeable, and approachable manner. It was a pleasure listening to your thoughts and gain greater knowledge of the interview process. I learned many new things from you as well. It was very enlightening to hear your take on the interview process and to gain insight from another professional who comes with a different perspective.

I look forward to your returning to the Center for Women in the future to present again to our clients since they are always changing because some leave when they land a job and new ones arrive. Thank you again for your time and expertise.”

 Alexa Barish former student from Montclair State University, May 25, 2017 “I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you and your Management course had on me – I am already able to apply what I learned to my life… I feel so qualified and confident because I had you as a professor for Management Processes. Thank you so much for everything you taught me.”

Beth Coyle, Partnership Director at the Learning House, Inc. May 18, 2017 “Dr. Luciano possesses an extremely quick intellect which allows her to make thoughtful assessments… Intelligent, sensitive, loyal and indefatigable, she is a gifted leader who…inspires others… With an exceptional level of professionalism, and a voice of reason, Linda Luciano is an outstanding coach and mentor, providing a balanced level of guidance and support.”

Yossy Montecinos Incoming START Intern at PwC, May 15, 2017 “I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Luciano in a mock interview. Dr. Luciano helped Rutgers Business School students prepare for their upcoming interviews through a mock interview session. Besides the mock interview, the session included a resume review, a cover letter review, and a feedback portion. I got so much out of the session and the advice I received helped me strengthen my interview skills.

Besides giving great advice, she also takes the initiative to truly get to know her clients. By doing so, she gives personalized advice to tell you about your strengths and how to further develop yourself professionally. As a career coach, she has a wealth of knowledge, so she makes sure to give you long-term advice about how to propel your career to achieve your professional goals.

I am so glad that I met Dr. Luciano and I would like to thank her for making me feel so confident about myself. Thanks to her, I have been able to showcase my skills more effectively, which has helped me gain admission to various professional development programs. I highly recommend Dr. Luciano to anyone trying to propel their career, you will be amazed by her knowledge and personality!”

 Adia Dauti, Finance Student at Rutgers School of Business, Newark, April 11, 2017 “I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Linda Luciano…during our one hour [mock interview] session [at Rutgers Business School]. I learned more about what I needed to do in order to accomplish my career goals than I had learned in any of my business classes. She gave me thorough and detailed corrections after the interview.

Dr. Linda Luciano genuinely cares about the people she works with and puts thought and effort into each critique, so you know it is personalized to you, and not a generalized correction. She pushes you to improve and better yourself and after an hour together I felt much more confident in my goals and presentation skills.

She is a warm and caring person that will give you the confidence you need to make decisions that make you happy and benefit you. It’s quite clear to see that Dr. Luciano cares deeply about her clients and makes every effort to push them towards their goals and empower them.”

 Y.M., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, April 11, 2017 “Sometimes people think that career coaches are strict, so many let this fear hinder their opportunity to meet a great career coach, thankfully I got to meet a genuine person.”

A.D., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark April 6, 2017 “I am grateful to have you as my interviewer and your words of wisdom and kindness will stay with me for many years to come…In a world that is not always accepting of strong women in business, you offered me courage and confidence I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

J.L., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, March 31, 2017 “I wanted to thank you for spending time with me today to help me sharpen my interviewing skills. I walked into the interview nervous, not knowing what to expect. However, you helped me realize that as long as I come prepared and show confidence that I have nothing to worry about. I gained a lot from our meeting and I truly appreciate the advice you gave me.”

M.D., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, March 27, 2017 “It was a pleasure speaking with you today. You really helped me a lot during my mock interview. I feel so much more confident about myself and really understand how to tell my story rather than just answering questions. I just wanted to let you know that I did in fact get the finance internship for the summer! If it wasn’t for all your help today I would have been so nervous, but I took your advice and made sure to ask if I could take notes. I also didn’t squeeze when shaking my interviewer’s hand and if I needed to catch my thoughts for a second I paused without saying um or stuttering.”

M.N., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, March 25, 2017 “The mock interview was an excellent experience…You are an exceptional coach…I will put in practice all the excellent advice you gave me. I will never forget you were the person who [taught] me how to shake hands professionally…”

K.W., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, March 20, 2017 “Thank you for helping me improve my interview skills. I appreciate your feedback and your patience, you made me feel more relaxed because you were so kind. I learned a lot from our time and now I feel more prepared and confident for my future interviews.”

J.D., Student at Rutgers University School of Business, Newark, March 14, 2017 “Thank you for creating an environment that allowed me to be comfortable enough to make mistakes and learn from them. The constructive criticism you gave is invaluable. You are truly an inspiring and dynamic individual…”

Brian Maher, Vice President, Information Analytics, Berkeley College, April 20, 2015 “Dr. Luciano is one of the most detailed and well-organized colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with while also being one of the most understanding and compassionate. She is a wonderful strategic thinker, a great mentor to others, and devoted to higher education and the role it plays in improving the lives of others. She is thoughtful and listens to others…”

Dario Cortes, SVP Strategic Alliances, Berkeley College, April 20, 2015 “Dr. Linda Luciano is an outstanding professional who has strong leadership skills…
Linda is…bright, disciplined, structured, loyal, and focused…Linda has the respect of her colleagues, peers, students, and faculty. I have entrusted her with responsibility for many important initiatives during her tenure…”

Amy Soricelli, Vice President Career Services, Berkeley College, March 1, 2015 I met Linda…and said to myself “Wow, this is someone I need to get to know better”. Linda is not only the consummate professional – motivating and engaging to those around her – but she brings a special warmth and compassion to everything she does and to all who have the pleasure of interacting with her. It is not unusual to see Linda deep in conversation with students on her way to a meeting or to get a phone call from her later in the day because she decided my “expression was serious” and she wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly. Additionally, I was fortunate to have worked directly under Linda for a brief period and witnessed more examples of professionalism, dedication and ‘resolve during crisis’ than I ever had before. Linda is a natural leader with an exceptionally calming manner and an absolute joy to work with.”